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Priestess of Perversion, Mindfuck Maven, Diabolical Seductress… Whichever title I adorn, the results are the same; I will leave you spellbound and in awe of My Sensuality & Power.

It is not by coincidence you found yourself here, but something much deeper. Call it fate or divine intervention, but you feel a certain magnetism as you pore over My every word.

you’ve longed for a strong Goddess to take complete control of not only your mind, but also your body and soul. Someone with the ability to possess you, enrapture you, and most of all, understand you. I have the experience and finesse to unravel you completely until you’re nothing more than a vessel that only finds bliss in servitude and sacrifice.

I’ve been known to be kind, but I can also be cunning and cruel. I’m as sadistic as I am nurturing, a paradox of sorts. My unpredictability and impossibly wicked mind will leave your heart racing as you contemplate My next move. you’ll come to find My particular brand of torment is not only intoxicating, but addictive.

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Like most Goddesses, I love being pampered by My adoring submissives and fans. There are quite a few ways that you can do this:


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"Such a sweet and beguiling voice. Goddess Claire speaks so gently it feels like a caress, disarming your mind with pleasure while She begins remolding it to Her purposes. Trance with Her is like a drug and I already feel hooked."

- surrenderer
Niteflirt Feedback ★★★★★

"Her deliciously hypnotic voice will captivate you every moment that your hear it. She pulls you so deep with her charms. Amazing recordings that I highly recommend."

- dragonpet4599
Niteflirt Feedback ★★★★★

"First time doing a live hypnosis session, and I'll definitely return. Goddess brought me so deep, all I could and still can think about is pleasing her. She has complete control over my mind."

- lordmalechi
Niteflirt Feedback ★★★★★

"She is so enticing... more and more I cannot look away, coming back only for her."

- cubiclep3t
Niteflirt Feedback ★★★★★

"Takes total control of your mind and body and brings you to new depths of pleasure"

- judey
Niteflirt Feedback ★★★★★

"Really wonderful call. Could listen to her melodic haunting voice all day."

- platonic
Niteflirt Feedback ★★★★★

"No one has ever had such power over me as Goddess Claire does. It's supernatural, spine tingling, and utterly intense. Her beauty and control is unparalleled by any others I've served in the past. She will always be the one for me."

- hypnopup21
Niteflirt Feedback ★★★★★
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Only contact Me via the form if you have concerns about a file you’ve purchased from Me OR if you’re a webmaster and would like to exchange banners/links.

Please include as much information as possible in your message.

For anything else, you’re welcome to text Me on Niteflirt. It’s the best way to get the fastest reply!

This includes scheduling a phone call, asking questions about services, or just general chatting.